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Profiserv was born in 2006 by the hands of Filipe Marques, a young entrepreneur who found an emergent need in the market, a niche that would become a successful business. This familyproject has been continuously growing over the years and the expansion to other markets is now a reality.


The company mission is to guaranty the highest quality and satisfaction in the products that we commercialize and distribute!


Profiserv is a company strongly focused in trade of polycarbonates, acrylics and PVC in the national and international market. We always provide to our current and future clients a wide range of products with the best quality, performance and warranty. We are known for our accuracy, professionalism, high quality products, immediate technical assistance and warranty in the best prices in the market. We are at your service to show our products, to send you our brochures and tariff.

quality certificate
Certification NP EN ISO 9001:2008

Quality Policy

The Profiserv , assuming with all stakeholders the principles presented in the Mission, Vision and Commitment establishes as Quality Policy the following assumptions:

- Constantly seek to improve its products, services and supplies solutions to turn to pursue the full satisfaction of its customers, their needs and exceed their expectations;
- Promote the development of skills of its employees, taking this factor as a pillar of its effectiveness and its success;
- Trying to optimize their processes based on cost savings and implementation of best solutions and best practices in their area of ​​expertise;
- Ensure compliance with all applicable requirements, in particular customer requirements, laws and regulations.

General Quality Goals

For the achievement of its Quality Policy, the Profiserv sets as its main objectives for the improvement of its quality management system the following aspects:

- Optimize their processes in order to improve their productivity and profitability.
- Increase customer satisfaction level.
- Increase its presence in the market, looking to enter into new markets through the introduction of new products and high quality services.

Meeting these objectives will be the main concern of the Profiserv and all its employees. With its implementation will be achieved the desired effectiveness and efficiency levels and the commitments made in its quality policy.

Our Services


we optimize our products according to the needs of each client.


We sell our products to manufacturers and installers.


We deliver products throughout the country in 24H.


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Estrada do Taveiro, nº24B


2475-041 Benedita | Portugal


Phone: 00351 262 929 355

Fax: 00351 262 926 717



Commercial Department

Filipe Marques: 919 256 337

Valter Silva: 927 416 408

Dário Marquês: 918 204 995

Luís Silva: 913 530 626

Rafael Lourenço: 910 118 742

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